Ian Andre Espinet is a Canadian born entrepreneur of Caribbean – namely Jamaican and Trinidadian – descent.  Born, raised and doted on as an only child in the 1970something generation, he was the only child of ambitious parents whom he watched toil effortlessly to ensure his future. Moving frequently in the interest of progress, he grew up across Toronto, in the process absorbing the multifaceted cultures and musics of the Canadian mosaic. A move to England during his mother’s law school articling period ultimately put him in the presence of British relatives involved in the music industry.  It would be in England at the age of 9, that he would purchase his first ever records – the “Musical Youth” album and Starpoint’s “Object of My Desire” 12 inch.  Aptly titled, they would not be his last.
Upon his return, his passion for music was insatiable. After watching him play records on the TV set turntable, his parents purchased him a Candle stereo system that year.  He would spend hours listening to their cassettes and records, his interest in the past quenched by Earth, Wind and Fire, Inglebert Humperdink, ABBA, Bob Marley & the Wailers and calypso artist Sparrow. Trips to A&A records to purchase his own Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper and Lionel Richie records would fuel his sonic soundtrack. Diverse in musical tastes, he recorded CFTR during the week exposing him to rock music; hip hop via the legendary Saturday “PowerMove” show, with Sundays reserved for House music via “Dave’s Dance Music” and his cultural calypso and reggae filling in during house cleaning.  Anything missed would be caught each week as he recorded Top 40 shows religiously and made “pause tapes” with the product. The world’s most diverse city had ultimately created the quintessential child of Toronto.With education always at the forefront of his upbringing, music was his second love. High school, however exposed him to new phenomena. School dances and all ages events would be the catalyst for him to rush home daily to record Much Music.  Watching and learning artist names, dance moves and song lyrics, he prepared for these events.  Despite strict parents, his limited introduction to these events would ignite a lifelong passion for music, entertainment and DJ culture.