As children, we navigated the minefields of adolescence without much supervision.  We are the latchkey generation, forced to learn much on our own.  To most adults, we were invisible.  But in spite of our invisibility, we made an indelible mark on the world.  Because of our music – our culture – a manifestation of our generation’s collective genius, we became the catalyst for immeasurable changes in world culture and commerce.  We changed the world as children.  Now, as young adults, we are anything but invisible.

Yet, although we are the generation that birthed and live urban culture, as we age, we too have evolved and generated different interests.  For some, it’s been Lagostina pot sets, Pottery Barn, and mortgage rates… For other’s it’s been children, career and family.  And yet for others, it’s been redefining goals, going back to school to retrain or get that Master’s degree.

Enter Ian Andre Espinet Entertainment, the event company of a multifaceted generation – one which is as comfortable in a house party or blocko;  rapping along to their favourite song, as in a soca fete; a dinner party or formal event.  In a similar vein to our much varied musical tastes, we too have varied modes…

Ian Andre Espinet Entertainment produces events for the Urban music listener of this generation. Unapologetically.

With a declaration that formal dress does not equate to posing; that maturity is mutually exclusive with fun and that we are oft as comfortable in suit and tie as in a track suit, we produce events for real people with real jobs who work hard and party on par.